Smart Visa (O Other) is for spouse and legitimate children of Smart Visa holders.

Qualifications and Criteria 

  1. Must be the legal dependents (spouse and children) of Smart visa holder Type " T ", " I ", " E " and " S " (except those who are granted only 6 month visa).
  2. Children must be under 20 years old (Except children of Smart “T” holders who are over 20 years old can apply for Smart “O” under certain conditions).
  3. Spouses and children must have an additional amount of deposit of no less than 180,000 Baht per person or equivalent is required in a bank account in Thailand or in the country of his/her nationality or residence, which has been held for at least 3 months. (Only for Smart "S" followers).
  4. Having health insurance covering the entire period of stay in Thailand for the applicant as well as spouse and children. (Only for Smart "S" followers).


  1. The children of Smart “T” holder and spouse granted permission to stay and work with no work permit required for the same duration as the Smart visa holder. Children granted permission to stay for the same duration as the Smart visa holder.
  2. No work permit required for working in the endorsed companies. In case of changes of jobs, additional endorsements in accordance with the relevant requirements must be obtained. (Only children of Smart “T” can work and must be at least 18 years. The jobs must not be on the prohibited list of occupations and professions for foreigners).
  3. 90-day reporting to the Immigration at the One Stop Service Center extended to 1 year.
  4. No re-entry permit required.
  5. Access to a fast-track service at international airports in Thailand (where available).

Our Smart Visa (O Other) application service includes the following:

  • Advise on all required information and documents.
  • Assist with preparing visa application forms.
  • Assist with preparing or obtaining required supporting documents.
  • Submit application form to BOI OSS.
  • Follow up application to decision.
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.