Parties to a contract in Thailand will often include an "Arbitration Clause" which requires any disputes to be resolved by a specific arbitration organization.  The primary purpose for an arbitration clause is to avoid having to litigate in the slow moving Thailand civil court system. Opting for arbitration to resolve disputes will often save substantial time and costs for all parties involved.  

There are several reputable arbitration organizations that can assist with resolving disputes in Thailand as follows:

  1. Thai Chamber of Commerce -
  2. Thai Arbitration Institute (TAI) -
  3. Thailand Arbitration Center (THAC) -
  4. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) -

Our arbitration lawyer service includes the following:

  • Meeting with client to discuss the case.
  • Review documents and advise for chances of success.
  • Provide list of supporting documents required.
  • Summarize background facts in English or Thai.
  • Represent client at the relevant arbitration organization.
  • Filing motions and evidence with the arbitration organization.
  • Attending arbitration organization hearings.
  • Negotiating with opposing counsel.
  • Follow up until judgment or settlement of the case.
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.