Thailand is well known for being one of the most fun tourist and party destinations in the world.  Every year millions of foreigners flock to Thailand to enjoy the tourist friendly culture and beautiful beaches.  Thailand is also well known for being home to large communities of foreign expats.  Inevitably, some foreigners will break the law and face criminal charges in Thailand.  

Navigating the Thailand criminal system can be tricky and is often not straight forward like it is in Western countries like the United Stated or United Kingdom.  For example, remaining silent and demanding a lawyer are not tactics that work well with Thailand police for petty crimes.  Often times petty crimes can be negotiated away with local Thailand police to avoid formal criminal charges if you are honest with them and act immediately to avoid wasting everyone's time.  

The Thailand criminal system is very forgiving to those who admit their crimes while very unforgiving to those that do not admit their crimes. Generally, Thailand will only imprison dangerous criminals, but they also have very strict laws when it comes to drugs.  Thailand's prisons are extremely harsh places to survive as has been well documented.

We can assist with the following types of criminal matters in Thailand:

  1. Drug possession;
  2. Assault & battery;
  3. Traffic crimes;
  4. Sex crimes;
  5. Theft & fraud; and
  6. Defamation.

Our criminal defense lawyer service includes the following:

  • Meeting with client to discuss the case.
  • Meeting with Thailand police to discuss the case.
  • Review documents & evidence and advise for chances of success.
  • Provide list of supporting evidence required.
  • Summarize background facts and translate from English to Thai.
  • Represent client at the relevant Court.
  • Filing motions with the Court .
  • Attending Court hearings.
  • Negotiating with the Prosecutor, Judge and/or victims.
  • Follow up until judgment or settlement of the case.
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.