Divorce cases in Thailand can either be contested or uncontested. 

Uncontested divorces are fairly simple and quick to settle in Thailand. 

Contested divorces where the parties are fighting are over the reasons for the divorce and division of money, property or custody of children can be complicated and time consuming in Thailand.

The legal grounds for filing for a contested divorce include the following:

  1. 3-year period of physical separation.
  2. Deserting for over one year.
  3. Husband has remarried.
  4. Wife commits adultery.
  5. One spouse is guilty criminal conduct.
  6. Physical or mental harm.
  7. Lack of financial support.
  8. Incurable mental insanity for over 3 years.
  9. Imprisonment.
  10. Broken the bond of good behavior.
  11. Incurable, communicable and dangerous disease.
  12. Physical disability so as to be unable to cohabit as husband and wife.

Our Thailand divorce lawyer service includes the following:

  • Meeting with client to discuss the case.
  • Review evidence and advise for chances of success.
  • Provide list of supporting documents required.
  • Summarize background facts and translate from English to Thai.
  • Represent client at the relevant Court.
  • Filing motions with the Court .
  • Attending Court hearings.
  • Negotiating with opposing counsel.
  • Follow up until judgment or settlement of the case.
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.