It is often said that Thailand is not a litigious culture.  This means the Thailand court system is designed not to encourage litigation like Western style legal systems such as the United States and United Kingdom.  The Thailand court system is slow moving and does not often issue big rewards for damages or lawyer fees.  Thus, Thai people do not often file lawsuits against each other unless it involves a substantial amount of money or property.  

We can assisting with filing or defending the following types of civil litigation cases in Thailand:

  1. Breach of contract;
  2. Property disputes;
  3. Debt collection;
  4. Defamation;
  5. Personal injury; and
  6. Infringement of intellectual property.

Our civil litigation lawyer service includes the following:

  • Meeting with client to discuss the case.
  • Review documents and advise for chances of success.
  • Provide list of supporting documents required.
  • Summarize background facts and translate from English to Thai.
  • Represent client at the relevant Court.
  • Filing motions with the Court .
  • Attending Court hearings.
  • Negotiating with opposing counsel.
  • Follow up until judgment or settlement of the case.
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.