A cannabis growing license is required to operate a business that involves  growing cannabis in Thailand.

A cannabis growing license is obtained by registering on the Thailand FDA website known as Plookganja as set out below:


The Plookganja website is only in Thai language.

Registration for a cannabis growing license in Thailand requires either a Thai individual or Thai company.

Foreigner individuals and foreign owned businesses are banned from engaging in "farming" activities under the Foreign Business Act.

Foreign individuals and foreign owned businesses require a legitimate Thai individual partner or majority shareholder / director to engage in cannabis growing (ie farming) business in Thailand.

The Thai individual or Thai company must provide the information as set out below to register for a cannabis grow license in Thailand.

Purpose of planting?

  • Personal use.
  • Thai traditional medicine.
  • Commercial use.
  • Research.

Number of plants?

Select type of source?

  • Original licensee/government agency.
  • Import.
  • 1 million cannabis planting project.
  • Other (specify).

What was used for growing?

  • Seeds;
  • Cuttings;
  • Tissue; or
  • Saplings.

Address and details of the growing site?

  • Province?
  • District?
  • Sub-District?
  • Postcode?
  • House Number?
  • Title Deed Number?
  • Street Address?
  • Latitude and Longitude of grow location?
  • Nearby Landmarks?

Grower's information?

  • Taxpayer Identification Number?
  • Why are you planting for?
  • Total area used for growing in square meters?

The registration of the cannabis grow is instant after submitting the required information on the Plookganja website.

Our cannabis growing license registration service includes the following:

  • Set up the client account on the Plookganja website.
  • Advise client on providing required information for registering for a cannabis growing license.
  • Submit the registration to the Thailand Th FDA through the Plookganja website.
  • Receive the cannabis growing license registration.
  • Provide an English translation of the cannabis growing license registration.
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.