An independent title search is always recommended when purchasing a condo or land in Thailand.  A title search will help determine who is the true owner of the property and whether there are any outstanding encumbrances on the property such as a mortgage, lien or loan.  

A title search in Thailand must be done in person at the Land Department with jurisdiction over the property.  The Land Department's title records are still mostly on paper in books.  Thus, doing a title search can be burdensome and time consuming depending on the specific chain of title.   

Our title search service includes the following:

  • Collecting necessary information from the client relating to the property.
  • Travel to Land Department to perform title search.
  • Obtain copies of title deeds and other necessary documents to properties being searched.
  • Provide written summary report relating to type of deed, chain of title and encumbrances if any.  
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.