An international treaty between Thailand and the United States called the “Treat of Amity” allows American individuals and companies to own 100% of the shares in a Thai company limited and perform service type businesses without a first obtaining a license from the Ministry of Commerce.

Generally, Americans are the only foreigners allowed to own 100% of a company limited in Thailand without first applying for Board of Investment Privileges or obtaining a business license to perform their business in Thailand.

Registration of an American owned Thai company limited requires a few additional steps and set up costs, but in the long run is the least risky way for American citizens to do business in Thailand.

Our American treaty company registration service includes the following:

  • Consulting on shareholder & transactions structure, visa & work permit, tax returns, accounting retention, statutory audit & corporate compliance.
  • Register company with the Ministry of Commerce (MOC).
  • Certify company with U.S. Commercial Services.
  • Obtain Foreign Business License from the MOC.
  • Obtain corporate income tax ID number.
  • Provide shareholder certificates and share registration book.
  • Prepare minutes to open corporate bank account.
  • Translate company registration papers from Thai to English.
  • Provide contacts for a Thailand accountant and auditor service.
  • Provide written summary of basic compliance requirements in Thailand.
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.