An amalgamation is when two Thailand companies merge to form a new company.  

The process for an amalgamation are as follows:

  • Notice must be mailed to the shareholders and announced in the newspaper 14 days prior to the meeting.
  • Shareholders approve special resolution of merger with the vote of not less than ¾ of the total shares of those present in the meeting.
  • Each company approves a special resolution of merger within 14 days after obtaining such resolution.
  • Each company advertises the intention to merge in a local newspaper at least once.
  • After 60 days of publications of such advertisement, a shareholders meeting for both companies must be considered for any details of the newly merged companies.
  • The new merged company could be registered within 14 days since the merged resolution is approved.

Our amalgamation service includes the following:

  • Provide advice and attend meetings for amalgamation of the companies as necessary.
  • Prepare notices, ads and resolutions for the amalgamation.
  • Submit the application and all required documents to the MOC.
  • Obtain company affidavit upon registration of the amalgamation.
  • Prepare an English translation of the company affidavit.
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.