All Thailand companies require at least one director who is legally responsible for signing contracts, preparing accounting documents and submitting tax filings.

Most Thai persons are very conservative about signing off on contracts, accounting and tax documents because they do not have enough experience in business to know what they are signing.

Having a Thai company director can also facilitate and make setting up a company in Thailand much faster & easier.

Our Thai company director service includes the following:

  • Signing off on contracts;
  • Assisting with opening a corporate bank account;
  • Applying for foreigner work permit & visa;
  • Prepare registration of value added tax (VAT);
  • Preparing withholding tax certificates in Thai language;
  • Assist with registering employees for social security;
  • Executing payments to suppliers and employees;
  • Communicating in Thai language by phone or in writing;
  • Translating basic documents in English and Thai;
  • Running errands in Bangkok on behalf of the client;
  • Represent company at government offices under power of attorney;
  • Accompanying clients to government offices or business meetings as translator;
  • Assist with transacting other business as requested.