The dissolution of a Thailand company is a lengthy process that requires approval from both the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) and Revenue Department.  After registering the dissolution, the Revenue Department will conduct a full scale tax audit of the company.  The Revenue Department will not approve the dissolution until all tax liabilities and fines have been paid.  Thus, registering a dissolution can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year due to the time it takes to complete the tax audit.  

Our dissolution service includes the following:

  • Provide advice and attend meetings for liquidation of the companies as necessary.
  • Prepare the application and supporting documents with respect to registration for dissolution and liquidation of the companies as required by the competent authority including quarterly progress reports.
  • Submit the application and all required documents to the MOC.
  • Contact with the authorities in respect of the applications as well as preparation of additional necessary information/documents and submission of all of these to the authorities until completion of the liquidation.
  • Obtain Certificate of Dissolution.
  • Obtain company affidavits upon registration of dissolution and completion of liquidation.
  • Prepare an English translation of the company affidavits.
  • Prepare and submit the applications for returning of taxpayer identification card of the companies to the Revenue Department.
  • Prepare the application, collect all necessary documents and submit to Revenue Department for termination of business in VAT system.
  • Translate documents evidencing the return of the taxpayer identification card and Phor.Phor 9 evidencing termination of business.