Almost all foreigners residing in Thailand are legally required to submit reports to the Immigration Department every 90 days notifying of their address.

The Immigration Department has several ways of submitting the 90 day report including online, by mail and in person.

The Immigration Department has a website for submitting the 90 day reports online, but often the website does not work.

The Immigration Department also allows these 90 day reports to be mailed in and will mail back the receipt, but often the mail or the government is not reliable.

The only truly reliable way to submit the 90 day report is to do it yourself in person or have a Thai person submit it in person on behalf of the foreigner.

This 90 day report is a constant burden for many foreigners residing in Thailand. 

Our 90 day "in person" reporting service is meant to relieve foreigners of this burden.

Our 90 day report service includes the following:

  1. 1 year of service starting from the first submission.
  2. Scheduling of 90 day report submissions for 1 year as required.
  3. Prepare 90 day report forms (TM.47).
  4. Go in person to nearest Immigration Department office to submit 90 day report forms and obtain receipt.
  5. Scan and email receipt for 90 day report to client.
  6. Messenger all 90 day report receipts to client at end of 1 year period or upon request.