A share transfer is a fairly simple transaction in Thailand and takes only 1 day to complete.  The only document required are a share transfer instrument signed by both the buyer and seller.  However, a share transfer agreement and shareholders agreement are also sometimes used for large companies with substantial amounts of capital or numerous shareholder.  

After the share transfer instrument is executed, the shareholders list at the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) must be updated to reflect the new shareholding structure.  A Thai company must also update its internal shareholder documents including its share registration book and share registration certificates.  It is important to keep accurate records of the sequence numbers of the share registration certificates otherwise updating the shareholder list and internal shareholder documents can be complicated.   

Our Share Transfer service includes the following:

  • Prepare share transfer instruments.
  • Prepare new share registration certificates.
  • Prepare or update shareholder registration book.  
  • Submit updated shareholders list to the MOC.
  • Obtain certified updated shareholder list from the MOC.
  • Translate the updated shareholder list from Thai to English or Japanese.
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.