Certain legal documents executed or brought into Thailand are required to have stamp duty paid.

Documents subject to stamp duty in Thailand include but are not limited to the following:

  • Property leases;
  • Share certificates;
  • Share transfer instrument;
  • Hire of property contracts;
  • Hire of work contracts;
  • Loan contracts;
  • Agent contracts;
  • Insurance policies;
  • Power of attorney;
  • Proxies;
  • Promissory note;
  • Bill of exchange;
  • Bond;
  • Debenture;
  •  Bill of lading; and
  • Letter of credit.

Stamp duty must be paid at an area Revenue Department office. 

Our stamp duty service includes the following:

  • Advice on application of stamp duty.
  • Submit document to the Revenue Department for payment of stamp duty.
  • Return document to client after payment of stamp duty.
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.