Claiming a tax refund in Thailand will almost always result in a full scale tax audit.  This means that the Thailand Revenue Department will look at all areas of taxation in performing their audit including corporate income tax, withholding taxes, VAT and stamp duty.  The Revenue Department will often refuse to provide the refund and claim that the taxpayer owes additional taxes as a result of the tax audit.  Further, there is not any specific tax law in Thailand that compels the Revenue Department issue a refund with a certain period of time.  Thus, refunds claims can often take over 1 year or more to process.  We only recommend claiming a tax refund in Thailand when the amount is substantial enough to justify the risk and the cost.

Our Thailand tax refund service includes the following:

  • Draft explanatory letter in English and Thai for requesting refund.
  • Consulting on required supporting documents for requesting a refund.
  • Translation of supporting documents from English to Thai.
  • Submission of refund request forms to Revenue Department.
  • Follow up of refund request with Revenue Department until decision.
  • Correspondence by email, telephone and in person meetings when necessary.